Turbo Move

Man and Van Competitive Rates

TURBO MOVE for those who can be packed up loaded and moved and unpacked in one hour, the perfect credit crunch move.

Please call 020 3327 2222 or 0800 024 8475 one of our fully trained customer service agents will be delighted to help you and give you the best possible quote.

Service – Turbo Self Load
The driver will advise you in loading the van but not assist, they will provide you with trolleys, straps and blankets to help you.

Monday – Sunday


Subject to availability


  • Does not include the congestion charge.
  • Must be same day booking.
  • Inside the north/south circular.
  • Maximum 10 miles.
  • Self Load Service Only.
  • We will not be held responsible for traffic, accidents and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Prices above are for credit or debit card payments only. Cash payments will be subject to a £5+VAT cash handling fee, cash prices rounded up to nearest pound.
  • Anything over the hour or miles will be changed at £27.50+VAT per hour and £2.75+VAT per mile whichever day of the week it is, this is due to disruption to service for the next client.

The amount of people we help move across London daily means our man and van prices are very competitive. We offer the highest level of service giving you complete satisfaction whilst helping you save money, If we are slightly more expensive then some of our competitor’s then ask yourself this; Did they charge me VAT? If not why not? Are they a creditable company? Do they have an address? Are my goods Insured with them?